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To provide a session that gives a multiple range of looks to cover different marketing purposes. Depending on your career goals, the shots can be a mixture of commercial, glamour and/or fashion. There is no limit on the number of exposures within the time frame allotted for the shoot.


Prior to the booking, we interview each client to ensure a successful session. Outfits and locations are discussed as well as other preparations like makeup, hair, accessories, etc... This is done over the phone or in person. Call today at 757-768-9033.


Please arrive promptly at the time you are assigned. (Always call if you need assistance 757-768-9033.) We will proceed to choose outfits and decide on the order of the photoshoot. If you have booked a makeup artist or hair stylist, we will provide instructions on the timing of the work they need to complete for you. Plan on a fast paced appointment to ensure plenty of shots achieved. Get plenty of rest and nutrition prior to your session and always be prepared with a snack or beverage in case you need refueling. Have your clothing pressed, wrinkle-free and presentable. Hands should be well manicured with neutral nail color (unless we mention otherwise).

Our sessions are always super fun and collaborative. Feel free to express your needs during the appointment. We aim to give you a smooth experience with stunning images as the result.

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We will expertly choose top shots to display in your online gallery. Shots will be adjusted for the best clarity, but may not be the finished product. Depending on your package, some shots will need to be formatted or given very special adjustments for the final outcome (retouching, black & white, composites, etc...). Your gallery will be private until the processing is complete. You may then forward your personalized link to friends, agents, managers and casting directors.

* RETOUCHING - May take several days for the request depending on the amount of processing needed. Minimal retouching is included in every session and more involved work will be quoted on a per project basis

* PAYMENT - See package information for details

* RELEASE - Every session includes a PERSONAL USE REPRODUCTIONS RELEASE. This enables you to print copies of photographs and share them for your promotion use. Commercial use is prohibited unless you are given permission. Call Marilen at 757-768-9033 if you need assistance with model releases