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August 25, 2015

Yorktown [Private Studio] + VAPC Apprentices + Photographers

Encouraging others to achieve their dreams and goals can be so much fun! I have been teaching photography classes since we launched our VAPC (Virginia Photography Classes) program in 2013 and it has helped launch the businesses of such great individuals. Below are three of five our current participants who are well underway to being sought after photographers in Hampton Roads.

Lyn has accepted a second shooter position where she will be assisting at ARTINSPIRED to gain in depth experience. She has completed her VAPC apprenticeship with a lot of dedication and I am proud to see her excel in the process from shooting sessions to delivering products to clients. Her future goal is to be able to have a career that will be portable enough to have as she travels the country with her husband who is serving in the Coast Guard. Her favorite sessions are family oriented from Maternity, Seniors and Families.

Karin is awaiting her GRAND OPENING next month of her business "To The Nines Pet Boutique and Photography" that will be based in the courthouse section of Gloucester, VA. Her goal is to provide pet photography services at her new store's indoor studio so that beloved owners have a wonderful keepsake of their furry companion. I am looking forward to attending such an exciting occasion. I will of course have to take pics and blog about it here!

Beth is a teacher in York County and is really looking forward to one day being a full time photographer. Her passion is Family and Senior portraits where she sets up sessions on location. Her breaks from teaching will be very busy indeed! Since her FB launch, she has been gaining in popularity and booking shoots from referrals alone. Go Beth!

* * *

Below is some fun that we had behind the scenes. I suggested we all take turns shooting new business pics since Beth and Lyn were able to do a session at the same time.

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