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July 27, 2015

Professional Headshots + Yorktown Private Studio + Sisters + Multiple Looks

It was a pleasure to be able to book these sisters on a quick request exactly one week prior to their meet and greet appointment with Hutson Talent Agency in Norfolk, Virginia. We had to set up the shoot on a Monday for me to be able to capture, organize, post and master the HRES files needed to get prints by Friday. The girls brought the perfect outfits and we had great light streaming into the studio.

It was the first headshot session they had experienced and I knew it was my job to help them express personalities for the shots. They were already seasoned performers of dance, so an audience was not intimidating and it didn't take much to really collaborate on different expressions. They both took direction very well which is a great plus for the acting work they are seeking to get.

My studio has these large floor to ceiling windows and the time frame was perfect to use the window light to our advantage. Both girls have stunning blue eyes, so I definitely wanted to showcase them. Being in the studio is an advantage so the light is just perfect and won't make you want to squint.

The number of outfits and changes aren't a big deal to me. I tell my clients that we have a certain amount of time allotted and that different clothing can be used in the session. I don't charge "per look" as other photographers do. As many as you can fit in... so change fast lol.

For actors and performers, I really want them to explore a range of expressions and if the outfits help with that then please bring your closet! I pick out the clothing and we take it from there.

In the above collage, you can see two shots that I formatted with the name and one with a border. I include formatting for the headshot as well as the resume for all actor sessions. I will do what I can to help you succeed in booking that audition (I also do performance coaching on a appointment basis)... after all if you land that role with my headshot, it makes me super proud that I was your photographer! :-)


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